Moses, (continued)

‘After Jacob and his son Joseph had died, most of the People of God that were in Egypt became pagans and worshipped Api, and many of the other idols the Egyptians made of the Renegades. Only a few cared to be educated in the faith of their ancestors; and even while doing the learning, they still worshipped the idols.’

‘But Moses was a real seeker, who dared to see beyond the philosophies, the idolatries and the injustices of the Egyptians. It was he who, after realizing that the Renegades and the Nephilim were mere living beings, dared to question his teachers’ stories. Then he sought and contacted us, in order to know our side of the story.’

‘That is why we again saw our hopes renewed and contacted him. We had to use telepathy to bring him to meet us in the mountains. In the biblical book of Exodus, we appeared to Moses for the first time: 

‘And the angel of the Lord Yahweh appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of the bush: and he looked, and behold, the bush burned with fire and the bush was not consumed.’ (Exodus 3:2)

‘As anyone can now understand, a flying vessel landed not far from Moses with a bright orange landing light on. The description that was made of its light behind the bush is similar to the one that a bushman in Papua New Guinea would have made two centuries ago and even early this century, if it had landed before him too. This was a confusing and amazing sight, because the bush seemed to be on fire but it did not burn.’

‘The scriptures are full of similar descriptions of Elyonin appearing to other prophets, and this with hundreds and even thousands of years of time between them. Take Nephi a prophet named in the book of Mormon. In it, it is written: ‘There came a pillar of fire and dwelt upon a rock before him’ (Nephi 1:6 ‘The Book of Mormon’)

That description is similar to the ones given by Moses and others, as we shall see.’

‘It was during that meeting that Moses was told of our conflict with Tiamat (Satan), and his three colleagues, the rest of the Renegades and the Nephilim. He was given the whole story just as we are giving it to you again now. Then he was told to go and ensure the freedom of the now enslaved descendants of Jacob, and to gather as many people as he could, to whom he would entrust our story for the rest of the Humanity of the future; and to get them out of Egypt. It was after that, that he went and began talking to the people.’

‘But his work was very difficult, for those that were put in his charge were a savage, unruly and disobedient crowd who did not have respect for human life and who easily killed each other for the tiniest of reasons. They virtually had to be convinced to believe in the One True God, and the faith had to be implanted so hard in their hearts and the memory of events before that, had to be seared in their minds in a way that they would never forget.’

‘First they had to be removed from among the people who refused absolutely to follow us Elyonin, in a manner such that they would never be tempted to go back. Then they had to be taken somewhere where they could not be easily influenced by the Renegades. That is why the events at that time had to be unforgettable ones.’

‘For before the very famous Exodus as you now know it began, we Elyonin encouraged our Human helpers to conduct religious evangelical campaigns all over Earth, and in Egypt in particular, to try and win the populations to our side. There were seven such persons; Prophets, similar to Moses at that time. The Nephilim’s followers also began doing the same.’

‘These campaigns did not go smoothly as there were constant Wars between us and the Nephilim, and between their followers and those who were loyal to us. Their people threatened those who tried to follow our Prophets, and forced them to change ranks. The Nephilim of course charged their people to instruct the Humans – as the Renegades are again doing now with the Young man from France – that it was in fact Lucifer, Leviathan, Satan and Belial (or Kingu, Nammtar, Tiamat and Azag) who created Humanity on Earth.’

‘Yahweh, the Leader of our Council of the Wise, was portrayed as a contradictory despotic liar, and a cruel Creator who destroyed and exterminated populations for no important reasons, and when he felt like it. In the end Moses was the only one who managed to gather a large number of people willing to listen to us. The other six leaders in other parts of Earth were all murdered with their followers; with a few that escaped with their lives being taken into slavery by the followers of the Nephilim.’

‘Moses decided that he should present the idea of the one God, with His Name being Jehovah/Yahweh that they already heard about; because none of the Hebrews would obey him if he presented Elyonin to them as real living beings. Thus he put the seal on our leader becoming and continuing to be worshipped as the God of the Hebrews.’

‘When time came for him to conduct our people out of Egypt, we did all we could to ensure that they at least survived. Because even then, the whole pharaonic family of Egypt and their armies were followers of the Nephilim, who explained the danger of there being any group of our followers on Earth.’

‘They were the ones who instructed the Egyptians to make sure that our followers never left Egypt, and to exterminate them before they could go and set up a nation of their own.  That is why they pursued them after they left Egypt. The following biblical passage tells how we protected Moses and the people on their way:’

“And the Lord (or Elyonin) went before them by day in a pillar of cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and by night.” (Exodus 13:21)  

‘Here, this pillar of cloud was just a fleet of ten of our grey-coloured flying vessels which flew slowly in a line ahead of the crowd who then were ordered to follow the vessels.  As these were high in the sky, they formed a column, or a horizontal pillar. All space vessels sighted during the day are called ‘clouds’ in the Bible, because of their colour and at default of an adequate description by the primitive people.’

‘At night, the vessels switched on strong lights directed to the ground, to allow the people to see where they were going. When the Egyptians, on the orders of the Nephilim through Pharaoh, pursued the people to exterminate them, we again used our vessels to protect them, as it is written:’

“And the Angel of the Lords (or of Elyonin) who went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them; and the pillar of the cloud went from before their face and stood behind them. And it came between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel; and it was a cloud and darkness to them, but it gave light by night to these so that the one came not near the other all night.” (Genesis 14:19-20)

‘That means that during the night when the People set up camp, the vessels were landed between the Egyptians and the people. Strong spotlights were switched on and directed towards the Egyptians, while the people remained in darkness and could sleep in peace. While our officers who were in the vessels watched the Egyptians, and stopped them from coming near the people.’  

‘And to cross the sea, Moses was also again helped: “And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord (Elyonin) caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land and the waters were divided.” (Exodus 14:21)

‘This passage says clearly that the parting from the sea was caused to happen from above. A repulsion beam that pushed the water back was used. This was felt as a violent wind that blew in the middle of the sea. The water was thus held apart for a while, allowing the people to pass through to the other side. Anyway, we chose a rather shallow part of the Sea of Reeds for them to cross.’

‘Someone might ask: “why did we just not take them in our vessels, and deposit them where we wanted Moses to take them?’”. To that, we say that it was important that these people learnt a few lessons, and also learnt to take care of themselves.’

‘Also, it was important that they believed in God Most High like we do, and that they understood that we, Elyonin, were not that God. If we had made the task easier for them, we would have failed in wiping idolatry and the worship of the Nephilim out of their hearts, which was the most important thing we wanted before anything else. And not only that, they would have simply started worshipping us again and called us gods.’

‘And our course of action was amply justified during that adventure as we shall prove. The exodus of the people lasted a very long number of years, and some of them even set up in villages and encampments and remained in those, while the others continued on.’

‘This was because, even with the vigilance of the Watchers that protected them from the air, Satan and his Fallen Watchers still had access to their former followers that had come among Moses’ people; thanks to miniature transmitters hidden in the idols that they had brought with them. Through those, Satan and his friends told the people that Moses was leading them to their death; that he had brought them out of Egypt to be exterminated by Yahweh.’

‘And those who had these idols were easily persuaded to rebel and to drop out of the long exodus. Because most of those who had come had been slaves; and their original reasons for following Moses was the prospect of escaping their masters and regaining their freedom. Once free, they quickly decided to stop travelling, set up camps and refused to budge; preferring to worship the idols they already had, and out of which voices came from time to time, instead of a nameless God who Moses told them about, and who they could not see or hear.’ 

‘But more of those who had idols still followed the crowd, in order to go as far away from the Egyptians as possible, and because their needs were met by Moses. Next Moses again had to be called to meet us, this time on Mount Sinai in order for us to again give him some equipment which comprised a transmitter and receiver, and also to teach him how to use it, as well as giving the Law, of course.’

‘But this transmitter was a new improved model, different from the ones that our earlier prophets had been given. This one functioned by an ‘atomic powered battery’ to which was also attached another machine that was to be used to make food. We also gave him the Divine Laws destined for the people that were in his care; laws by which we too abide; and the proper way to Realize their Divinity.’

‘Here we would like to bring to your attention, that those people that left Egypt with Moses, were not all Hebrews. Moses was not told to get out the Hebrews only. He was instructed to take with him all those who were willing to disassociate themselves from the Egyptians and the Nephilim; and to listen to and follow us, Elyonin. Those people who were willing to follow our teaching and to believe in God as we believed; whether they were Hebrews or not, and that is what Moses did.’ 

‘All the Hebrews left Egypt only because they were all slaves, and were hated as Hebrews. But many of them were also followers of, and worshipped the Nephilim and the Renegades. They also were just as savage, violent and hostile as the rest of Humans everywhere. They were particularly stirred into attempting to assault the mountain where Yahweh, our Leader met Moses, in order to capture him, as Tiamat (Satan) promised them that he would be a better god to them.’

‘One such rejection of our Leader and of God was demonstrated by the ‘golden calf’ that those people made while Moses was in the mountain, meeting our Leader. Along the whole of the Exodus, Moses was subjected to verbal abuse, and sometimes he was even threatened with violence.’ 

‘As long as these people behaved like that and swayed in their loyalty to Moses and to us, we could not allow them to reach the country that we had destined to only those who would be loyal to us. That is why they remained in the desert for forty years. Because it became necessary that all those who had come from Egypt died, before their children installed themselves in the new land. For it was obvious that those who had not known slavery and the Nephilim, would be easily taught and made to obey than those who had been exposed to the Nephilim’s teachings.’


‘Moses was one of our Prophets after Jacob who had regular visits from us and who described his sightings and our interactions with him, in a most spectacular and detailed manner.’

‘Know then, that despite any scientific explanations that would now be given by Human scientists, what happened when Moses was in Egypt was both a demonstration of our power, and the use of the Mysteries that we gave to Humanity.  For nothing is impossible to God, we tell you again, and not believing that there is a Universal God is a very bestial and mortal error that should not even be in your thoughts.’

‘Our work with Moses was one that was our last attempt to forever give the Law of God, and to firmly establish faith in Him among the people of Earth, while at the same time insuring that the memory of us did not disappear from Earth for good.’

‘The Nephilim had again firmly established themselves on Earth especially in Egypt where they married the daughters of Noah’s descendants by his son Ham, and helped found the first mighty Royal Dynasties of the Pharaohs.’

‘Our battles with the Renegades were confined to Outer Space, away from Earth, where we now had to fight their space vessels, before we could enter Earth’s space to meet with our Prophets who lead the few ‘People of God’ who existed then, and who gave our side of the story to Humanity at that time.’

‘Our Council of the Wise decided against any further military interventions against the Renegades on the Earth’s surface, whenever we could help it. Since they saw that it was exactly what the Renegades wanted. As their aim has always been the destruction and the annihilation of the Human Race, the Renegades welcomed the Wars, because they could then just watch the sufferings, and the deaths of large numbers of our beloved Creation. But Earth being now so heavily populated, we could no longer conduct our Wars here.’  

‘All had returned to a near-primitive state and idolatry abounded. All Extra-Terrestrials that came to Earth came to be seen as gods. The people who were loyal to us were worshipping Yahweh, the leader of our Council of the Wise as God, as I have already said. The rest worshipped the Nephilim.’

‘Those who knew of both our stories, worshipped us and the Nephilim, by making several, different idols of both groups of us. Even the people who travelled with Jacob and who had the opportunity to know our teachings, still superstitiously kept the old idols of the Nephilim that they had brought with them and still prayed to them. On that, Jacob admonished them as it is written:’

“Then Jacob said unto his household and to all that were with him, ‘put away the strange gods that are among you and be clean’ … And they gave unto Jacob all the strange gods which were in their hands, and all their ear rings which were in their ears, and Jacob hid them under the oak which was by Sechem.”  (Genesis 35:2-4)  

‘In the end, our Council of the Wise decided to concentrate on keeping our memory and the faith in God alive on Earth. Telling Humans that we were not to be worshipped, no longer seemed such a pressing issue. It was decided that when Humanity had developed again enough to understand what flying machines and high technology were, and when they had developed their own aircrafts – as we knew they would, – then should be the time to again give them the truth about their Creation, and about their presence on this Planet called Earth.’ 

Sodom and Gommorrah

‘So, ten generations after Noah, we come to Abraham. After the scientists of Babel had been exiled abroad, those few ‘People of God’ who still existed began to practice the traditions of people around them, and that was just a while before they began to neglect their Divine worship and religious practices altogether.’
‘Of the many Scientists that were building that rocket, Nimrod was amongst them. Shem the son of Noah was still alive; and as always, they found that enjoying themselves and not having to observe religious rules, was better and easier than trying to Realize their Divinities.

As such neglect began with the community elders, soon all were more interested in enjoying themselves and to be seen to conform and assimilate with the others. Then they turned to idolatry, as those they socialized with had never stopped their own practices. ‘So even though they still had the Divine Doctrine and the Mysteries, none of them sought to delve deeply into them, or to understand what their precious legacy had for them.’
‘The transmitter that Noah had used in order to contact us had long ceased to serve its purpose as few knew how to operate it. In the end it ceased functioning. It was not repaired then and a replacement was not given to his descendants, who had not until now shown any great interest in us Elyonin. For a long while they carried around the old transmitter that had, itself, also become an object of veneration. Terah, Abraham’s father, was the one who last owned it.’
‘He offered it to a Chaldean king as a political present and a means of introduction and acceptance in their elite society. That act displeased and strongly distressed his son Abraham, who temporarily separated from him as a result.
‘By then it was no longer easy for either us Elyonin, and for even the Renegades to come and present ourselves to Humanity as we used to. You see, Humanity had multiplied greatly, and they had become very self-assertive and very savage; and could no longer easily be influenced by us like they used to be. Any non-terrestrial beings that presented themselves to Humans stood a much better chance of being massacred than listened to.’
‘So only those with faith in God were much more accessible and were very dear and valuable to us. One such young man who saw his father Terah, a community leader turn from God, was Abraham who was first called Abram. So Abraham who had already received the Mysteries from his father, decided to separate from his community and to go somewhere where he could try and Realize his Divinity as prescribed in the Mysteries. On this he wrote:
“In the land of the Chaldean, at the residence of my father, I Abraham saw that it was necessary for me to obtain another place of residence.”
“‘…And finding there was greater happiness, peace and rest for me, I sought for the blessings of the fathers, and the right order to which I should be ordained to administer these blessings, having myself been a follower of righteousness, desiring also to be the possessor of great knowledge, and to be a better follower of righteousness… And desiring to receive instructions and keep the commandments of God, I became a rightful heir, a High Priest, holding the order which belonged to the Fathers.”
“It was conferred on me from the Fathers; it came from the Fathers, from the beginning of times, yes, even from the beginning, or before the foundation of the Earth down to the present time, even the right of the first born or the first man who is Adam, our first Father. My fathers, having turned from their righteousness and from the holy commandments which the Lord their God had given them, to worship the gods of the heathen, utterly refused to listen to my voice…”
“For their hearts were set to do evil … therefore they turned their hearts to the sacrifices of the heathens, in offering up their children to these dumb idols, and did not listen to my voice, but made every effort to take away my life.” (Abraham 1:1-7)
‘As you can see, nothing had changed. Every time that one person tried to bring people to their senses, they sought to kill him, just like it happened to Enoch and Noah and the others.’
‘Again we appeal to Humanity to seek the knowledge of the Mysteries and to take possession of what was granted them by God; for the knowledge that Abraham spoke of in the passage that I just mentioned was nothing but those Mysteries. And you, Desiree as our messenger, are again fully in the possession of those Mysteries. Therefore give them as freely as you have received; but only to those in whom you shall find the strong desire to do good and help their neighbors and the rest of Humanity to do the same.’
‘Abraham therefore was not only seized, but he was tied up. To be sacrificed to Satan, and to the Sun and to Lucifer; together with other men, children and virgin women. But as the Watchers that we had left behind had been instructed to follow him and protect him, they told us of Abraham’s arrest. At that time, members of our Council of the Wise had come again to Earth to do the kind of work we came to do with you and that we have been doing since we met.’
‘They had also come because Abraham had Realized his Divinity on Earth; and therefore they were going to reveal to him who he was, and to give him his mission of Prophet. On that occasion, it was our Leader Yahweh himself who led that expedition, and who came for that important ceremony; he also brought with him Melchizedech whom he introduced to Abraham. On that, Abraham wrote:
“And as they lifted up their hands on me, that they might offer me up and take my life, look, I raised my voice to the Lord my God, and Elyonin listened and heard. And God filled me with the vision of the Almighty, and the angel of His presence stood by my sides, and immediately loosed my bonds.”
“‘And His voice told me: Abraham, Abraham, behold, my Name is Jehovah (Yahweh) and I have heard you, and I have descended to deliver you, and take you away from the house of your father, far from all your parents, into an alien land of which you do not know … Therefore I have come down to visit them and to destroy he who raised his hand against you, Abraham my son, to take your life … Look I will lead you by my hand, and I will take you to put my Name on you … and my power shall be over you … It shall be with you as it was with Noah, but through your ministry my Name shall be known in the Earth, forever; for I am the leader of your Elyonin”. (Abraham 1:15-19)
‘Of course as you can see that the ‘angel’ that untied him was just one of the soldiers of our army. He was freed first, of course by the soldier, the conversation reported here happened after that.’
‘Once he was freed, the soldiers killed the people who had tried to perpetrate the mass sacrifice. All the temples dedicated to the Renegades and to the Fallen Watchers were destroyed. Our Leader, who always travels to Earth when necessary, came because of the importance of the occasion.’
‘It has always been important for us to have a representative among Humanity; someone who would be willing to listen to us and to tell people about us. Those occasions for us are all very solemn, and even now as we meet you, we do not take this task lightly even though you are but a young girl. Every one of our messengers and representatives who is willing to do the work is very important and worthy of respect to us.’
‘Abraham was ordered to leave his home city with his father Terah and his nephew Lot and was led to Egypt. During his journey he was regularly visited by the Watchers that were assigned to him, who educated him in science and taught him astronomy. I must also add that Lot was in the act of Realizing his Divinity at that time.’
‘Abraham stayed seven years in Egypt, and when he left he was a very rich man; so was his nephew Lot. I myself, and Michael, the highest ranking officer of the army directly under the Council of the Wise, were ordered to come and escort them back to Palestine. Lot settled in a city called Sodom, which was very close to another called Gomorrah, and Abraham settled North-East of Hebron. Meanwhile what was happening in the rest of the world?’
‘We told you that we were forced to round up and disperse the scientists of Babel Erech all over the Planet to make sure that they were no longer in a position to pool their knowledge and plan to come to our Galaxy. But some of these men, helped by Nephilim and Renegades, had again made their way back to Palestine and gathered in the two cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.’
‘At that time more Extra-Terrestrials supporters of Satan and his Renegades also began to descend on Earth. This time they simply moved to Sodom and to Gomorrah, and began Satan’s diabolical work of debauching and turning the population into perverts.’
‘It was not long before the two cities were totally turned to paganism and Satanism. It became an endless orgy in the inns, in the streets, and in the eating places. Temples that had once been consecrated to God Most High were now used for insulting satanic rites during which virgins, women and children were sacrificed on the altars once used by the high priests of God Most High. Murders, thieving, muggings, bestiality, and sodomy abounded. All kinds of abominations were practiced in the two cities.’
‘Again these people went right back to their plots. By worshipping Satan, and indoctrinated by the Nephilim and the Renegades, they were stirred into even more anger and hatred against our Leader Yahweh, and decided again to invade our Galaxy and topple him. Also, mixed marriages were again entered into like it happened before, between Humans and Extra-Terrestrials; and again more of those children, the Nephilim were born.’
‘As they did all these things, Satan did not cease taunting, laughing at, and provoking Yahweh. Boasting that he had taken over Earth and describing what His ‘beloved children’ of Earth had in store for him. For that has always been Satan’s tactic. He excites the Humans to sin and abominations, then accuses them to our Leader and mocks him for the “failure of his experiment”; that is to say the creation of beings full of ingratitude and lacking in faithfulness, or the failure of the Plan of Salvation. Such is the mission that Satan is now in the process of giving the Young Man of France, therefore pay attention to this warning, and beware of him.’
‘Now as well as loving Satan and his Renegades more than us, their true Creators, the people of Sodom and of Gomorrah had committed the vilest abomination in the eyes of Yahweh, by sacrificing Human beings on the altars and in the temples dedicated to God Most High. This is an abomination that we Elyonin punish with the total destruction of the perpetrators, and (including) all those of the generation of the perpetrators living in the offending city, country, continent and even Planet if and when necessary.’
‘In Sodom all people were corrupted and guilty, except from Lot, Abraham’s nephew. The Watchers that were left to protect the People of God were finding it difficult to even enter Earth space without being pursued and attacked by the Renegades and their reports were becoming more and more desperate.’
‘Eleven years after Abraham and Lot were brought back from Egypt, the situation had again become so intolerable that our Council of the Wise decreed that another intervention was necessary in order to drive the Renegades and the Nephilim from Earth. So our Leader dispatched the three of u; Michael, of whom I have already spoken, Gabriel his second in command, and myself, Uriel. We were given a message for Abraham; and orders to go and see if the rumours about Sodom and Gomorrah were true.’
‘At that time, unlike the Renegades, the Humans no longer had any flying air craft, but they were used to seeing crafts piloted by Extra-Terrestrials, just as they were used to seeing beings that were alien to their Planet. Some of them were very savage and bloodthirsty and had been taught to recognize us ELYONIN by the way we dressed, as the Renegades had taken to wearing very distinctive clothing, that helped the Humans to distinguish them from us.’
‘So we had to land our spacecrafts on the tops of high mountains and disguise ourselves and come down from the mountains in order to meet our prophets. When our Leader himself came, the prophets were convoked to the top of the mountains to meet him.’
‘Abraham had been using the Mysteries in order to have a child; and our message to him was that his wife Sarah, who was a ninety year old woman, would get pregnant. For nothing is impossible when using the Mysteries of God. We never touched the old woman to cure her scientifically of her illness, as we know the Young Man from France is going to say. We only came to pass on the message as we had been instructed to.’
‘We stayed with Abraham who served us a sumptuous dinner, and then we went to Sodom, after which we reported back to our Leader, Yahweh. Notice that it is clearly stated that we did eat. We are corporal and we need nourishment, contrary to divine Angels who do not need to eat.’
‘We had seen sacred Temples smeared with human blood and parts of the bodies were still hanging in the same Temples. We had seen that human rebels had again regrouped into a powerful satanic society. We had witnessed their orgies and depraved antics. We had seen Nephilim that had again been produced through forbidden mixed marriages.’
‘This time two officers were sent on a powerfully equipped intergalactic craft with orders to remove Lot from Sodom and to destroy it together with Gomorrah.’

‘These officers went to visit Abraham to tell him of their mission, and then went to Sodom because they were going to carry out Melchizedech’s orders.’ (You’ll remember that he was the resident representative of Yahweh on Earth.)’
‘They arrived at night and though they were in disguise, Lot saw them and recognized them immediately as Elyonin and invited them to spend the night at his house. They first refused, saying that they will spend the night in the street. But as he insisted, they agreed, but by then they had been noticed by the city people.’
‘Word soon got round that ‘foreigners’, Elyonin, officials of the Planet of Yahweh were at Lot’s house. The Renegades, who now reigned masters in the city, excited the population to anger; and Satan sent the mob to capture the two officers and kill them. Lot’s house was therefore surrounded.’
‘Lot was ordered to surrender the two men, and despite pleading with them to leave the two strangers alone, the crowd also threatened to deal even more harshly with him than with the two. They tried to push their way into the house. That is when the two officers used their highly sophisticated weapons on them. They used bright light bombs that discharged a powerful blinding white light as it is written:’
“And they struck with blindness the men who were at the door of the house, both small and great, so that they wearied themselves groping for the door.” (Genesis 19:11)
‘If we are not mistaken, we believe that humans have now also invented the same devices for their police forces. In the confusion, our officers fled before advising Lot to leave the city and go far into the mountains. And that is when after hundreds of millions of years, we Elyonin again used atomic weapons in a war on Earth. Of that it is written:’
“Then Elyonin rained on Sodom and Gomorrah fire and brimstone from the Lord out of heaven; and he overthrew those cities, and all the surrounding cities, and all the valley, and all the inhabitants of the cities and what grew on the ground… But Lot’s wife behind him looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.” (Genesis 19:24-26)
‘As you can see, this is the description by a primitive man of a phenomenon he knew nothing about. He used the expression of his times to describe what he witnessed. Notice also that the destruction extended to all the other cities surrounding the two cities of Sodom and Gomorrah where the explosions actually occurred. And this is how the explosions were described:’
“and lo, the smoke of the land went up like the smoke of a furnace.” (Genesis 19:28)
‘That was a perfect description of a mushroom-like ball of fire and smoke. Earth now possesses atomic bombs; and the explosion of atomic bombs produce effects similar to the one described here. That bomb was in fact a very small one, as we did not wish to extend the destruction too far from those two main cities. The wife of Lot who not only did not hurry out of the city, but tried to go back was instantly incinerated right where she stood; that is why she is described as becoming a pillar of salt.’
‘And just like at the time of Noah, the populations of two large cities and several small ones had to be totally destroyed, at the exception of just one family; Lot’s family. Needless to say that it was a real War as there was exchange of fire between us and the Renegades who were in the city, even though that is not mentioned in the Bible.’
‘That is how seriously we take the work of Creation that we undertook on Earth, and we shall continue fighting Tiamat (or Satan) and the others Renegades, every time they defy us and try to interfere with humanity or detract them from the true reason why they were sent to Earth.’
‘We shall continue fighting them every time that they contact our children of Earth. We shall see our experiment through, at all costs. Therefore let those who will follow the Young man from France, take note. If necessary, they shall be removed and be dealt with when time comes, like those who had allied themselves with Satan, Lucifer, Leviathan and Belial and or any of the other Renegades.’
‘Earth belongs to us, we created it and everything else in it. Tiamat (Satan) and his vassals are usurpers, and they shall not be allowed to take Earth or to install themselves as leaders over it, ever.’
‘Humanity is very well evolved now and we like that. But to us this Planet is a laboratory for a specific scientific experiment, and we shall see it through. As long as Humanity deal only with the affairs of Earth between themselves, we will leave you alone. But any alliances or collaboration with Alien Extra Terrestrials who have no legal claim to Earth shall be dealt with as they have always been. When we come, Humanity shall know and recognize us.’


The City and Tower of Babel

‘Well as it is written, Noah and his sons were advised to free all the animals and birds and reptiles. They separated in three main families and set on to re-populate their world.  In their part of Palestine, they were the only survivors with their wives. So we came to assist Noah, who, you remember was a Scientist, and who was told to speed up the re-population.’ 

‘In fact, we also helped him build a scientific laboratory, and there we helped him produce multiple ‘artificial pregnancies’ as we did at the time of Adam, producing dozens of children from each wife of his children in regular and close succession in large incubator machines. When their daughters were just thirteen they were made to marry and also helped with producing many children. So it was indeed Noah who was the ancestor of all those people who existed in that whole area that is now the Middle East.’

‘After this further mass breeding, Noah separated his people in three main groups and set each one of his first three sons at the head of these groups. Notice that only three sons of Noah are mentioned in the Bible, but he really had more, even when he was ordered to build the Ark. But Shem, Ham and Japheth were the ones who were designated as leaders, and were ordained as Priests over these groups. And to them were entrusted the keys to the Mysteries as we gave them to Humanity.’

‘Japheth’s group went to the area of Earth now called the Caucasus with all the lands and mountains surrounding. Shem’s group remained in Palestine, stretching from the whole of the area now that encloses, Lebanon, and down all the way to Saudi Arabia; while Ham’s group went to Egypt.’

‘So before long, within two hundred years, that area became highly populated. For a long time, the whole of the people who lived in the countries around Palestine had one common national language which was the Ancient Hebrew I have already told you about.’   

‘We did not just abandon humanity after helping with this mass production of children. Again schools were built where we sent some of our best teachers, who once more came and educated these first children. When there were enough centers of culture, with Human teachers taking over the education of the rest of the populations, ELYONIN teachers left once more for the new Planet where we were again doing creation work, and the Humans were left to progress by themselves.’

‘However, Humanity was by now definitely calling us ‘the gods’ or ‘Elohim’. And though we never encouraged this, we also no longer bothered to stop them calling us gods.’

‘Watchers were left to monitor their progress, but they were stationed on the main bases which were situated on Luna, and on secret ones on Earth. But Melchizedech was the exception amongst ELYONIN who were in this Solar System. He lived openly as King in the city then called Salem, where he had a large castle. There, the ‘People of God’ regularly came and paid him tithes. Some other Human communities, including the Egyptians, had transmitters.’

‘As they multiplied greatly as a family, the descendants of Noah began to migrate.  A few of them, moved to the area where the country of Iraq now is, and further on. There they implanted themselves and multiplied greatly.’

‘And they built Erech, one of the best cities that had ever been built until then entirely by Humans, with colleges and schools. Erech was built when Heber, from whom descended Abraham, now lived. It was a masterpiece of architectural genius; a square city of twenty miles a side.’

‘From each side came five large avenues that all converged toward the centre of the city. About three-quarters up to the centre, these avenues came to a large circular road, which was about eight kilometers in circumference. There, within that circular road, was the administrative centre of Erech.’

‘Again from this administrative centre came four large avenues toward the centre of the city. Again these four avenues converged to another large circular road. And within the central area formed by that second circular road was the Scientific Centre; and right in the middle was where the scientists of Erech decided to build their famous “Tower”.’  

‘Erech became thus a great centre of culture, and was soon full of scholars and wise men. Many literary societies were formed as well as different associations and organizations. At that time Nephilim, the descendants of those who had left Earth on flying vessels began coming back to Earth.’

‘As these descendants of Noah progressed and admitted more and more Nephilim in their midst, they also became more and more materialistic. Their love and faith in God Most-High faded and then finally died; to be replaced by deep-set hatred for God. Just a handful of them remained faithful. That is when the members of one of those societies, comprising of eminent Scientists and Nephilim, decided to again, go to our home Galaxy (or Heaven).’

‘As it has always been when the people have stopped having need of God, their first aim has always been to get rid of belief in God in the hearts of their contemporaries; believing that they shall never achieve total freedom with faith in God still existing in others.’

‘Such an attitude is and has always been dictated by God’s, and our arch-enemy Satan, together with his vassals.  For the education of these people consisted also, apart from sciences, of materialistic doctrines and Satan and demon worship. With lecturers in Satanic doctrines like the ones we are telling you about now, the same that are being given to the Young Man in France.’  

‘For Satan and Lucifer, who began using Humanity from the beginning, imparting knowledge to them in order to get them to do their bidding, have never missed an opportunity for doing so.’ 

‘In those days, Angelic Beings, or Extra-Terrestrials, were seen more often and easily recognized; as they looked and dressed differently from the Humans. The Humans also saw the vessels in which they travelled, and which biblical prophets called ‘chariots’, ‘solid clouds’ and ‘the Glory of the Lord’ and which are described all over the Bible and other religious scriptures. It is written:

‘Now the whole Land had one language and one speech. And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there.’    

‘And they said one to another: “Come, let us make bricks and burn them thoroughly.  And they had bricks for stone, and slime for mortar”.’

‘And they said, Come let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto Heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the whole Earth.’

‘And the Lord came to see the city, and the tower which the Sons of Men had builded.’    

‘And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one and they have all one language; and this they begin to do.’ 

‘Come, let us go down and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.  So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the Earth: and they left off to build the city. Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the Lord did there confound the language of all the Earth: and from thence did the Lord scatter them abroad upon the face of all the Earth.’ Genesis 11:1-9

‘Once and for all we shall tell you the truth about what did happen. All the population here spoke the same language, which was at that time the language of Adam; which was our very own language that resembles ancient Hebrew. What we are dealing with here is how Satan and the other Renegades came again and tried to use Humanity against us, and also provoke Yahweh our Leader to become angry again with Humanity.’ 

‘Now, even though the city itself was built entirely by humans, the ‘Tower’ was built because of, and thanks to the instruction (or doctrines) of the Sons of Men, who were Nephilim or ‘ the fallen ones’.’  

‘Now in those days, when men built many cities, we Elyonin who are described here as ‘the Lord’, never made it a habit of coming and seeing and inspecting all of them, as that went against our policy of leaving the Humans to progress by themselves and never interfering with their lives and natural progress. Everybody knows that we would not worry over a mere building no matter how tall it was.’

‘There exist many skyscrapers now on Earth whose top floors are in the clouds and anyone climbing on top of those buildings shall see nothing but the immensity of space.  Therefore this ‘Tower’ that the people of Erech built was no ordinary tower’

‘The Tower that these people were trying to build was one that looked like the ‘chariots’ in which the ‘angels of God’ or Extra-Terrestrials travelled, with a top which pointed toward heaven. That ‘Tower’ was to look like today’s rockets found on Earth.’ 

‘And the expression ‘let us build a tower whose top may reach unto heaven’ means: ‘let us build a machine which could fly, with its top pointing toward the heavens, for that is where we want to go. That way, the heavens could be reached.’ Or very simply: ‘let us build a flying machine that will take us or help us reach heaven.’ And by heaven here you should understand that they meant our Galaxy.’

‘That is proved by the rather weird sentence added immediately afterwards: ‘… and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the whole of the Earth.’ You must understand that as times pass, the ways people express themselves change, and the way the writers of long ago used to make their descriptions and tell their stories is no longer similar to the way those of this era do.’

‘And both the Ancient and New Testament books of the Bible usually use the word ‘name’ to designate also the whole person bearing that name; most of all when it is the case of the name of God, and when it is the case of us Elyonin.’

‘So ‘to fear or love the name of God’ is to fear or to love God. Sometimes God is simply designated as ‘the Name’. A ‘name’ also means a reputation. So, ‘let us make a name for ourselves’ means let us make gods of ourselves. Or let us make ourselves equal to God’ or as powerful as God. Let us make a powerful, God-like reputation for ourselves.’

‘Of course, many precious parts of this story were taken out by those people who translated the Scriptures from ancient Hebrew. If they had been left intact, humanity would know the whole true story by now. But this story, like many others had been diminished with the parts giving the complete explanations of the facts being left out.’

‘For we would not go through the strenuous task of scattering people all over the planet, some with Watchers and angels assigned to protect them during travels lasting up to forty years, over a mere building. No matter how high it was built!’

‘And the second important expression to be noted from the passage that I quoted is:  ‘lest we be scattered abroad upon the Earth’…They feared being scattered abroad!’ When the people of Erech decided to become gods and dispense with our Leader Yahweh’s authority, they agreed that they could not totally be free to be gods in their own right, while the Almighty God was still being worshipped; and while Yahweh and our Council of the Wise still existed.’

‘So they decided to ‘go to heaven’, to our Galaxy, and murder the members of our Council of the Wise, thus effectively ‘killing God’ and then take over the ruling of the Alliance and of our Galaxy. For fear that Yahweh should come later as he had done before, and destroy their Satanic society by splitting them up and scattering them abroad. Which they knew Yahweh our Leader would definitely do. So they stupidly decided to ‘go to Heaven’ and eliminate Him beforehand.’

‘But as usual we still had Watchers who lived on Earth; and others with Galactic Class space vessels, who regularly reported on all activities taking place on Earth. The members of the Council of the Wise had been alarmed at the construction of this rocket.  And when their spies learnt of the plans of the Nephilim, they reported back to us. Our Leader Yahweh sent angels (this word means ‘messengers’ in our language’) to come down to Earth and see this particular city and the ‘tower’ being built in it.’

‘Sometimes as all Scriptures’ readers have surely noticed, even angels are called ‘the Lord’.  Even when they have given their proper names and declared that they were just heavenly beings who live in the presence of Yahweh (or God).’

‘They are given the name ‘the Lord’ because they come with the word, the orders and commandments of ‘God’ Yahweh. Therefore having been sent by Him, they also wield the same authority as Yahweh and all Elyonin or ‘God’ when fulfilling their duties.  And when during a scriptural conversation someone had called an angel ‘Lord’, those who shall read this should understand that the biblical human personage speaking had meant “Sir”.’

‘Of course when a real Angel of God Himself had appeared to a Prophet who uses the Mysteries, the expression had meant exactly what it were supposed to mean, just like it does to ourselves Elyonin, when an Angel of God appears to us’. So messengers came and saw the ‘Tower’ and reported back to Yahweh, and he said in a speech to the Council of the Wise:’

‘These people are all united in their aims, they speak the same language, and now they begin to do this. And as they propose to attack our Galaxy, if they are allowed to remain together, nothing shall stop them from actually attempting such a trip, when their knowledge has increased enough for them to build flying machines powerful enough for them to succeed.’

‘Obviously as you can see, our Leader Yahweh, saw according to the descriptions made to him, that their rocket or ‘Tower’ was useless and could not help them achieve their aims, that is reach our Galaxy. But the idea was there. So he contented himself with separating them. Therefore he sent an army of officers and messengers to come and ‘confuse their language, so that they may not understand each other.’ 

‘The confusion here does not mean that the city people suddenly could no longer understand each other literally. The way it was done is clearly explained: They were scattered abroad from there, over the face of the Earth’. That means that these learned people were each taken by the Watchers and placed separately in foreign countries where all the languages spoken were different from the Adamic Hebrew that these learned people still all spoke.’  

‘Do not forget that only the language of those human scientists who were in Erech and who belonged to the Renegade Satanic society of the Nephilim was confused. They therefore were the ones who ‘began speaking strange different languages’ to the people of the countries where they had been taken. Being thus isolated, they could no longer get together to plot things like building rockets to go to Heaven.’

‘Of course, this did not take place quietly. There was a violent war with the Nephilim. Most of their space vessels were destroyed and a lot of them were killed while the rest again fled in the vessels they could escape with and scattered again in their Renegade bases in this Galaxy.’ 

‘After that triumph the armies of Elyonin destroyed the ‘Tower’, rounded up the human scientists and gave them the choice of dying or being exiled abroad. These all chose exile and were thus taken each with his entire family to a different foreign country.’

‘Furthermore Yahweh our Leader decreed that the names of the human scientists and leaders of that particular society should never be written down to be known later by Humanity. So these people shall remain forever anonymous. That society was called the Akkadian Society by the Human inhabitants of Erech.’

‘So, as a result of the intervention from our armies, the building of the ‘tower’ was stopped. That was the entire and true reason why the building of the famous ‘Tower of Babel’ was undertaken.’

‘From Erech the name of that city became Babel Erech. The word ‘babel’ is from Hebrew: ‘balal’ which means ‘confuse’. Later, Erech was dropped from the name, and name of the city became Babel. Therefore if the young man from France comes and tells you Humans any fancy stories about how this happened, no one on Earth should believe him; he is a liar!’

‘After these people were scattered, their rocket was destroyed and their centers of culture closed and the Akkadian Society was disbanded. For a while the Nephilim stayed away from Palestine. Here, before I continue with our story. I shall first refresh your memory concerning the genealogy of the descendants of Noah through whom the Law of God was kept:


1-    NOAH had                         

2-   SHEM who had

3-  ARPACH’SHAD, who had

4-   SELAH, who had

5-   HEBER, who had

6-   PELEG who had

7-   RE’U who had

8-   SERUG who had

9-  NAHOR who had

10- TERAH who had



‘You probably have noticed that from the time of Noah, we no longer bothered with destroying any people who descended from the Nephilim. That is because we had decided that just one group of people were enough to keep our legacy.’

‘What went on in Palestine and the whole Middle East also went on around the whole Planet. We no longer bothered with the rest because no one amongst them was willing to follow our teachings or be faithful to us, even though some had managed to remain pure. Therefore, only those who had remained pure in line right from Adam interested us.  We could not always continue to exterminate humanity.’

‘Those faithful people were thus those who we called our Chosen People. And they and only they and their children and descendants were important to be named and remembered in the scriptures. It was for the purity of other nations on Earth that we decided to be lenient. For many, like virtually the whole Race of the Black African people, simply stopped believing in God, but never inter-married with the Renegades. Thus we again gave the Divine Law to the descendants of Abraham to keep, for the later enlightenment of Humanity as a whole.’

‘Therefore when these are known as the Chosen People it is not because we love the rest of Humanity any less, or that they are deemed superior to the rest of the Human Race. All Humans are loved and considered equal in our eyes and in the eye of God. And we chose a little African girl for this particular message because we know that many prejudices that should not be, exist now, and have existed for a long time on Earth.

This message is for those who until now have suffered prejudice and have been deemed unworthy by those who should know best. Therefore those who have suffered from this prejudice and who would not be willing to listen to those who have discriminated against them, should much more easily be willing to listen to and believe and follow this, our Little Messenger.’

‘No single nation should deem themselves worthier or more important or superior than others in the eye of God, for nobody knows God’s will or God’s ways better than God Himself.’   

Noah And The Flood

‘Our Watchers abandoned their bases on Luna as the Atlanteans who were now there, were regularly bombarding them; and as they had been weakened by all the constant fighting, they could no longer sustain any more attacks without heavy losses.’

‘And the ‘People of God’ were left without Watchers, with only Melchisedech representing us, and in a sorry situation; having to meet in secret by fear of being discovered and massacred. Unfortunately, Melchizedech never got involved in wars, and they could not count on him.’

‘Then came Noah. The transmitter had come into his possession by right of inheritance; as he too, like his father, had remained faithful to God.’

‘He was deeply versed into the Law and the Mysteries, and he spent all his free time gathering groups of people and intrepidly preaching to them to abandon idolatry, to turn from evil and wickedness, and back to God; and to faithful cohabitation with their neighbors.’  

‘But now that the Watchers had left, those Renegades who had been exiled to their ancestors’ Planet bases began regularly to fly to Earth and to influence the Humans.  Satan regularly came among them and taught them to hate Yahweh, all Elyonin and all Humans who were faithful to them and who believed in God and obeyed His commandments; telling them that only he, Satan, loved them and could give them better lives, and they believed him. 

‘So Noah’s anger was kindled against all of them. Like those before him, even though he was part of a large family with several brothers and sisters, he found himself standing alone.’

‘Only three of his sons and a handful of good people sided with him, while the rest of his relatives, and people in his area of the World preferred the Nephilim and their debaucheries. Even his daughters refused to listen to him and they separated from him and married Nephilim.’

‘The Nephilim, pushed by their fathers, began again to personally terrorize the few ‘People of God’ that were left in tiny communities around the world and to murder them.  Their first targets, as usual were prophets; because they were those to whom Melchisedech and Elyonin spoke; and who could tell people about God and about us.’

‘Noah’s anger was worsened at the loss of his daughters. He went to preach to these giants; and one more time told their Human followers that if they repented and saw the error of their ways they could still be saved. But instead of changing, they became even worse. 

‘Through marriage, the Nephilim began to multiply at an alarming rate all over the planet. They fought the ‘People of God’ for their lands and possessions; and in Palestine, a very high prize was put on Noah’s head.’

‘In the end, there were only Noah and his three sons Shem, Ham and Japheth who worshipped God and followed His Laws. That is when Noah decided to ask for help from Elyonin.  So he used the transmitter and told Melchizedech of the state into which Earth had again been reduced, and we were told…’ 

‘Finally the Council of the Wise had to admit that what had happened to the other colony Planets had now happened to Earth. Even though the Creation Experiment had been a complete success, it had once more been irremediably sabotaged; so a decision was taken.  Yahweh, our Leader, decided that simply provoking earthquakes on Earth would not do, only a permanent solution was required in order to rid Earth of the Nephilim and all the Satan worshippers.’

‘Because the plan of Divine Realization had been completely jeopardized, and people who should have spent their time doing what they had come to do, were wasting it worshipping those who had lost what they themselves were seeking, and murdering those who wanted to try; Yahweh our Leader decreed that the whole lot of them had to be drowned, that way those who had lost their way could come back in our world to be told of their mistake and be given a chance to return and try again later; while a small group of pure People of God would be left to multiply and continue with the original plan.’

‘So Noah was ordered to build an enormous, three storey ocean-going ship in which he could shelter himself and those who went with him while the rest of the people would perish.’ 

‘Noah who was a Scientist as well as a Prophet of God had to ensure that many animals, fowls, reptiles, and others would survive, except all aquatic beings which were expected to survive. Those that were not too large came in couples of males and females, seven pairs of each species; and sperm and ovules from the very large ones were collected and preserved for re-creation later by Noah.’    

‘Notice that Noah was told: ‘make yourself an ark of gopher wood’ that is because at that time flying ships were composed of materials that do not exist on Earth now, but that we could produce in the factories that we set up on Earth.’

‘Wood was used only for building boats, ships, houses, furniture and other things but never for any flying vessels. Because with the technology that we used, wood simply would disintegrate and come apart during acceleration maneuvers.’

‘Notice also that Noah was advised to cover the Ark inside and outside with pitch.  This was to preserve the wood and make it impermeable to water. The description of the Ark in the Bible should tell you exactly what it looked like, what its shape was:      

“Make yourself an ark of gopher wood; make rooms in the ark and cover it inside and out with pitch. This is how you are to make it: The length of the ark, three hundred cubits, its breadth fifty cubits, and its height, thirty cubits. Make a roof for the ark, and finish it to a cubit above, and set the door of the ark in its side; make it with lower, second, and third deck.” That was a description that, to me is very clear; and if a drawing had been made of it, we would have got the shape of the ships now seen in your oceans.’

‘As I said, we now know of the contents of the story that is being given to the Young Man in France, and we shall try to give our details that will give our side of the story when necessary. We, therefore, refer to these passages of the Bible:

‘Then Yahweh the Lord continued; For behold, I will bring a flood of waters upon the Earth, to destroy all flesh in which is the breath of life from under heaven, everything that is on Earth shall die’… ‘and you shall come into the ark, you, your sons and your sons’ wives with you … for I will send rain upon the face of the Earth forty days and forty nights… ‘And Noah did all that the Lord had commanded him… all the fountains of the great deep burst forth… and rain fell upon the Earth forty days and forty nights… The flood continued upon the Earth… and the waters increased, and bore up the Ark, and it rose high above the earth. The waters prevailed and increased greatly the Earth; and the ark floated upon the surface of the waters. And the waters prevailed so mightily upon the earth that all the high mountains under the whole heaven were covered; the waters prevailed above the mountains, covering them fifteen cubits deep… and all flesh died that moved upon the Earth, birds cattle, beast… and every man.’  

‘Everything on the dry land died… Only Noah was left and those that were with him in the Ark…And the waters prevailed upon the earth a hundred and fifty days.”  Genesis 7:17-24 

‘Noah at that time was six hundred years old when he entered into the Ark; and the flood came five days later, a flood of WATER, as it is written.’

‘That is the way in which the Flood came to be in Palestine. There is absolutely no other way than this one. The passages that I have just quoted state very clearly that life was destroyed by waters only, and not by anything else, because it rained, and the land was flooded for a hundred and fifty days.’  

‘So if the Young Man from France will come and say that Noah’s Ark was anything else than a Sea-going ship, do not believe him; he is lying to you, and if he tells you that there was a nuclear intervention from Elyonin, do not believe him; he is a liar!’  

‘There is no statement of a cataclysm here. That is the word which is used in all the scriptures, together with ‘earthquakes’ and expressions like ‘the earth shook violently’… ‘and the Lord rained fire and brimstone from the sky’… to indicate explosions and nuclear interventions.’

‘Besides, ‘flood’ is a word that is usually used to indicate a sudden rise or influx of a very large amount of water. In French that word is ‘deluge’, ‘inundation’, and both synonyms are definitely connected with water.  Therefore you must not believe the Young Man from France when he shall come and tell you that it was a nuclear explosion that destroyed Humanity during the flood.  He would also try to make you believe that Noah’s Ark was a space vessel, please, do not believe him; he is a liar!’

‘In the text it says that ‘the waters increased and bore the Ark with them’. The waters rose so high that the Ark also rose high above the normal ground level. It could only rise high above the earth as even the highest mountains were under the water.’

‘Moses’ account clearly states in verse 18 that ‘the Ark floated on the face of the water’. He did not say that the Ark flew into the air and disappeared into the clouds.  There is nowhere where it is written that Noah was asked to build a flying ship; and the word ship is profusely used in the Bible and other scriptures.’

‘So how did the situation get back to normal? It is written:

“But Elyonin remembered Noah … And God made a wind blow over the Earth and the waters subsided; and the fountains of the deep and the windows of the heavens were closed, the rain from the heavens was restrained, and the waters subsided continually. At the end of a hundred and fifty days the waters had abated; and in the seventh month, on the seventeenth of the month, the ark came to rest upon the mountains of Ararat. And the waters continued to abate until the tenth month, on the first day of the month the tops of the mountains were seen.” Genesis 8:1-5 

‘And here, there is no longer any doubt that Noah’s ark was indeed floating on the water.  Because when the mountains began to show and the Ark became so heavy that it could no longer float, it became wedged among the high peaks of the mountain. So the idea of Noah building a flying saucer, as the young Man from France might allege, should be dismissed. Because if it had been a flying saucer, it would have been taken to the moon Luna, where it would have waited for the waters to recede completely; before simply flying back to Earth and landing on a flat valley. Providing the people and animals with enough air to breathe on the Moon would not have been difficult for the Watchers who would have been in charge of them.’  

‘But Noah and his sons had to wait for the ground to dry before finally coming down from the mountains and herding the animals with them, which was not an easy task.  Why would he have wanted to add to his troubles, if there had been an easier way to get him and all the beasts in his care to the valleys all at once and quickly?’

‘And the passage about winds blowing is a normal phenomenon, especially for people living in tropical countries where torrential rains are current events. Strong winds always blow after such heavy rains; and that is exactly what happened in our story of the Great Flood. The whole of the Planet as we have already said enjoyed a temperate climate in which there were no harsh winters or heavy snows, before the same Flood, in Palestine.’ 

‘So when the Young Man from France shall come and talk about god, Satan, Lucifer and all the Fallen angels monitoring levels of radioactivity and dispersing it scientifically, you must dismiss him as someone spreading a mad concept. And those who follow him should beware of believing such a crazy idea.’

‘Trust the story of the Bible, and believe us Elyonin, your Creators, for we tell you the truth. We have never ever denied anything that we have said or done before, nor have we ever changed our story.’  

‘And also I would like to attract your attention to the fact that Noah was asked to preserve only birds and animals (mammals and reptiles). The Bible states that all the living things on dry land perished. That means that all marine life was safe.’

‘Now that would not have been the case if we had dropped nuclear bombs on the Planet as the Young Man from France would want you to believe. Not even aquatic life can be safe in the event of a global nuclear destruction of life on your Planet.’

‘The Nephilim who existed on Earth at that time and the people who descended from them all perished as it is written: “They were all destroyed, beasts, birds, reptiles, ‘Children of Men’ and ‘Sons of Men’.’

‘As it has always been in the course of Earth’s history, Prophets are appointed by us among people who believe in God and who are ready and willing to obey us and be led by us. These Prophets prophesied, talked and wrote mainly about the events concerning the Country or Continent where they lived in particular and the world in general.’

‘That is why all Jewish Prophets discussed mostly the problems pertaining to Israel and Palestine, while American ones prophesied for the people who lived in the Americas, and so on with all the Prophets and Holy Men who have lived throughout Earth. So those parts of the Planet that did not have Prophets seem not to have been part of Humanity of those times; having no history. But they still existed, all of them.’

‘Know that there were about seven groups of people who were advised to build such ships. Only in the course of history and upheavals on Earth, their stories have been lost. There have also been other people who were instructed by us to build not only ships but also submarines.’


‘Getting Noah to build that ship was not an easy task. After he was told about the Flood plans, he did not begin work straight away. For a long time he spent time in his prayer place, praying for the punishment not to be carried out. Melchizedech had to visit him twice in two weeks to urge him to begin building the ship.’   

‘He was finally told that if he did not obey, he would die with the rest of his countrymen. Then he first moved from his village that was near the Sea with his followers, and went to live on top of a high hill. There they began the work; and that is why the people of that area were mocking him for building such a large ship inland. But even then, it took a long time for that Ark to be finished.’

‘For years he and his followers would stop working. Then Melchizedech would come and urge him to finish the Ark. Noah and his people started the work three times; then they would stop each time and Noah would urge them instead to pray for the disaster to be averted.’ 

‘Also, they were impeded by the natives of the land where he moved to, before he began the building work. They were constantly attacked, also, some of the work on the Ark was sabotaged; and they had to begin again. And when they were not sabotaging his work they mocked Noah and his people and insulted them.’

‘When the Ark was ready, Melchisedech came and gave him an instrument, a sort of a whistle with which he called the beasts to him. Every time he blew it, any animals in the surrounding areas and as far as a hundred miles would head toward the sound.’

‘And it was not only Noah and his sons and his wife in the Ark. There were about a hundred and fifty people with them in total. His sons had wives and children, who in turn also had children. Some of those grandsons and granddaughters of Noah were aged from between fifty and eighty years. And some of their children, Noah’s great-grandchildren, were already grown up and married, others still small.’

Many more wars

‘Yekum, one of Lucifer’s own War officials who lead the Galactic rebellion with him, is the one who, on the advice of Lucifer, actually made the speech to seduce the Extra-Terrestrial guards and talked them into going and procreating children with human beings.  Kesab even used his special powers to inspire ideas of lust to those Watchers that were hesitant, and then pushed them to go and have sexual intercourse with human women.’

‘And Gadral, as well as luring Eve into a long carnal relationship with him, also taught the Humans the ways of inflicting death quickly and slowly. It was also at this time that Cain murdered Abel, and the true time of Adam’ and Eve’s transgressions; when they mated with the Extra-terrestrials.’

‘Gadral also taught them how to make the instruments that inflict death and torture; also those that can help avoid death in war. This was actually when Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Holy City.’

‘Kasyade is the one who revealed the most diabolic and evil arts to the children of men.  He taught them how to practice abortions, which were then forcibly practiced on the women of the People of God.’

‘Tenemue by his power revealed bitterness, softness and sweetness, in other words he taught hatred and prejudice, as well as sensuality to the Humans, and he uncovered to them all the secrets of false wisdom. Thus by him, Humanity has seen multiplying those that have lost and mislead themselves and others in their vain wisdom, from that time of the beginning till now; all those so-called scientists who have explained and continue to insist on explaining creation on Earth to themselves and to humanity in their own way. He is the one who teaches to atheists that there is no god, or to designate God as one of the visible things of creation, thus leading them and others to the practice of idolatry.’

‘It was also Tenemue who taught men to write, and showed them the use of ink and paper. For men were not created to consign their knowledge by means of paper. They were created and taught to imitate our purity and justice. Had they remained that way, they would never have known death. We have been giving you some of our means of remembering everything we teach you every day. That sweet liquid we give you to drink. You will see just how long you will remember our message and how it will help your brain faculties.’

‘The Humans we created used to consign everything to memory. But as soon as they began using paper, their brain capacities quickly became atrophied and their memories began to fail them. Knowledge that belonged to all became a commodity only reserved to a few who then used it to become masters over others. Not only that, impiety increased, mindless fornication multiplied, the creatures transgressed and corrupted their ways.’

‘Now you can begin to understand what great harm the Renegades did. For though they possessed some science, they kept it from the Humans, but the bit they showed them was not always for all.’

‘The Humans we created were never taught to eat meat, because we did not eat meat ourselves. Flesh and all product that comes from anything that has lived and been killed, do not belong in the Human body. Such products are harmful to the Human being. We had alternatives like milk and eggs, which are the only things coming from living beings worth eating by Man.’

But the Nephilim were giants, as you already know. They used Humans as their servants and made them bring and prepare all their food. Before long it became impossible to feed them. So they began to fall on the birds, the beasts, the reptiles and the fish to feed themselves, they also drank their blood. When the animals became rare to find, they fell on the Humans, especially the Men of God, and began to devour them in a savage and sickening orgy of cannibalism.’

‘But we Elyonin simply could not allow all the hard work that we had done to be totally destroyed by the Renegades. On Melchisedech’s advice, we again contacted Adam and his wife; who had become disappointed with the Renegades and had repented and reunited just before the birth of Seth, and had again begun to worship God. Their exile from the Holy City had lasted a hundred years before we returned in force. By that we mean that after the war during which they had been chased away, they repented not long after that, but Melchisedech let  a whole hundred years pass before he was sure of their sincere repentance, and allowed them to come and live with him again in the Laboratory City, which by then was called the “Holy City”.’

‘But that also took another very savage and bloody war between us and the Renegades and their children and descendants. The Renegades fled with many of the Nephilim. The remaining Nephilim were exterminated by us, after we chased them from our other City-Laboratories in which they had established themselves as gods.’

‘There, we had to again treat both Adam and Eve and render them pure and free from any alien diseases before Seth could be conceived and be born. Adam was then crowned King and High Priest, with Eve as his Queen. It was when Seth was born that Melchizedech was again confirmed as Elyonin’s Ambassador.  Adam and all leaders of the ‘People of God’ who were later also Kings established in their own kingdoms, paid tithes to him.’

‘We then helped Adam and Eve take control of the cities and to gather those few Humans who had remained loyal to us, and who had also remained pure by not intermarrying with the Nephilim or the Extra-terrestrials. Adam and Eve taught Seth how to operate the transmitters that we left them with, in order to contact Melchizedech and us. He also taught his children.’

‘We left them after creating more batches of pure humans from Adam, Eve, Seth and the other pure humans. Adam’s family was left to administer all divine rites and to lead the people as the leading pure family and people of God.’

‘Of course the Renegades came back again, not too long after we had left; and proceeded to again wage war against our faithful people, and to interbreed with those Humans who now lived in savage tribes throughout the Planet. They are the ones who chased Adam and his people from the cities for the last time in a savage War with him.’

‘When news came to us of what Satan, his friends, the Watchers and their children were doing again on Earth, an expedition lead by Michael, Gabriel Raphael and myself, Uriel, came back to Earth. By that time Enoch was now on Earth; and he was the one who contacted us with the transmitter which he had taken over, after becoming the leader of the pure race.’

‘He was a scientist as well as a prophet and Religious Leader, keeping the faith in God among the few people that still believed. Melchisedech was the one who met him regularly and educated him. Enoch and other Human scientists still had knowledge of the ‘Eternity Operation’, and they administered it to those who were worthy.’

‘Calling us had only become necessary as a last resort to him after trying many times to exhort the Watchers to turn back from their wickedness. After our first visit, we took Enoch with us for some time on another Planet of this Universe. Nobody back on Earth knew where he had been taken or what had happened to him.’

‘There, the Watchers who had refused to follow Lucifer and who had been called back named him ‘Enoch the Scribe’. There he was instructed even more deeply into the Mysteries. He was even taught how to adapt planets, and was given materials to do that.  Enoch was later brought back to Earth, and was sent to talk to the Fallen Watchers one last time; with the promise that if they came back they would be forgiven.’

‘He then went to talk to the Watchers and the Nephilim, but they refused to listen to him; and he barely escaped with his life after they tried to grab and kill him. That is when he used the materials we had given him and he adapted a large island that was nearly a continent. It was situated in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately off the coast of where North -West Africa is now, and which extended as far as to be close to where the islands off the American continent, the Caribbeans are. That island was named Atlantis.’  

‘Then a brutal war began between the Humans helped by us, and the Nephilim and the Watchers helped by the Renegades. As the Wicked Ones could not very well protect themselves on the mainland and sustained heavy losses; they lost the War.’

‘All the Watchers and their wives were rounded up, taken to and then forced to live on that planet their ancestors had first adapted long ago. Many Renegade Watchers moved to bases in the Arctic and Antarctic polar regions of Earth. The Nephilim who were half-human and who could not support the polar climate of Earth, where some of their parents’ bases had been, were allowed to go and live on Atlantis and to make their home on it. All those Humans who had allied themselves to them also went to live with them. At that time, there were flying crafts on Earth which were owned both by the humans and the Nephilim.’

‘That war had lasted three years, and the Nephilim and their followers, who also had experienced the kind of suffering they had been inflicting on Humans, were somehow subdued for a while. They became a great civilization; very scientifically evolved, but a very immoral one.’

‘They still rejected God and His existence and thrived in self-autonomy. Their only religion was science, as they believed that only science would help them create their own New World; a world without moral laws and a world without God. For having been brought up by their evil, perverted and bitter parents, they had all grown up and remained ruthless, wicked, violent and totally debauched; like their fathers and mothers before them.’

‘They were still in regular contact with their parents the Watchers, who now constantly roamed the Galaxies, and their greatest obsession and primordial aim as they were taught by their parents, was to go back to our Galaxy and vanquish Yahweh, the head of our Council of The Wise; because as long as he was still there, their dreams were never going to be realized.’

‘Their second obsession was that they were determined to win the whole of Humanity on their side and to stop them from worshipping God or even remembering His Name.  Failing that, they aimed to kill them all.’

‘We again left, after assigning a new contingent of Watchers for the Humans, under the leadership of Melchizedech. The Atlantean Nephilim began to come again to the main lands and to befriend them. They again began to teach them all sorts of false doctrines, encouraging them to indulge in unnatural perversions and causing them to commit idolatry, and worship the Stars, the Planets, the Fallen Angels or Renegades, and the Watchers and themselves as gods. They ordered those who allied themselves with them to commit horrific murders by making human sacrifices to Satan and his three friends Lucifer, Leviathan and Belial.’

‘For another three hundred years this state of affairs remained. The Nephilim and their fathers had built centers of culture all over Earth, teaching their false doctrines and disobedience to initiates, who also went and opened their own training centers. Again they encouraged their followers to make war with and kill all those who worshipped God, and most of all to offer them as blood sacrifices.’

‘They were therefore not the great people that the Young Man from France would want you to believe they were. If that is what he will teach, nobody should believe him, he is a liar.’

‘The Atlantean Civilization did not last long. By that three hundredth year, the majority of Humanity had reached the height of depravity, debauchery and wickedness; and their influence had spread on the whole of Earth. Those who agreed with them greatly outnumbered the People of God.’

‘Soon our Watchers could not properly protect the faithful. As they had to constantly fight Atlantean airborne raids, all their Earth bases had to be abandoned and they settled on temporary bases on Earth’s moon, Luna. But even there, they were not safe from the Atlanteans. So they reported back to our Government, and they asked for help from the Council of the Wise.’

‘When the Atlanteans’ attempts to kill Enoch became very frequent, and it seemed that they were going to succeed, Enoch too contacted us. It was decided that this time, the Nephilim were going to be dealt with once and for all; and our Watchers were sent reinforcements with orders to destroy Atlantis.’

‘In a week long fighting, most of the Nephilim died. But quite a large number of them who already knew of the impending disaster escaped in space vessels.  Many of them moved to the African continent. Others scattered themselves on the American continent. More others went to India. A great deal went to Ceylon where they built the original city of Pagan.’

‘Others went to where Korea now is and to China; also spreading to the Tibetan mountains and into Mongolia.  The rest made homes for themselves on the neighboring planets on old bases that they adapted for themselves. Then Atlantis was sunk into the waters in a week long series of explosions, earthquakes and fires provoked from above; and all pagan temples were destroyed on the Continents.’

‘But unfortunately the Nephilim were still on Earth and their followers were still loyal to them; and they continued, unabated, with their Satan worship, their idolatries and their debaucheries.  They rebuilt their temples and before long they again began pursuing, murdering and offering the ‘People of God’ in Sacrifice to Satan, Lucifer, Leviathan and Belial.’

The Renegades

‘It was thus after our departure that the Renegades came to Earth and tempted some of the Watchers to turn against us and join their ranks. These in their turn swayed Adam and Eve and most of their Children. Abel remained faithful to us.’

‘Adam and Eve’s son Cain, made a pact with Satan, in which he accepted Satan as his god. He murdered his brother Abel as a blood offering and as a sacrifice for that pact.  He and Abel were forty years old when that murder was perpetrated.’

‘Then Cain married a Renegade extra-terrestrial lady and promised to bring all Humanity to the worship of Satan and of the other Renegades; and to rid Earth of all people who tried to continue believing in the One True God.’

‘It was from then on that Humans began calling the Renegades ‘ELOHIM’, since these had presented themselves to the Humans as gods and demanded to be worshiped by them as such. Cain himself was the first to produce children born of a direct union between people from our world and Humans. These children were called ‘Nephilim’ by the Humans that were faithful to us, and which is ancient Hebrew for the ‘fallen ones’.’

‘The Adam that we created in Palestine had undergone the Eternity Operation’ when he was thirty years old, as had Eve also. Therefore he remained looking young to the last year he lived, over eight hundred Earth years, before he moved to the next reality, after realizing his Divinity on Earth.’

‘But because we now know the contents of the story being told to the young man in France by Kingu (Lucifer), Tiamat (Satan) and Nammtar (Leviathan), we shall also give our version of what happened in detail, as well as the rest of our message. And we shall continue to use the Bible when and as necessary. You shall excuse us if we are being too prolix here and are repeating ourselves. But you are young, and we need to imprint this message deep into your memory and your psyche, so that you will never forget it. And we are sure that you will welcome those repetitions.’

  ‘It is written that Adam, after the death of Abel ‘had many sons and many daughters’ before he had Seth. “And Adam lived a hundred and thirty years, and Adam knew his wife again…” Genesis 4:25)

“… and begat a son after his own likeness after his image; and called his name Seth…” Genesis 5:4

‘The above passage means that for a period of one hundred and thirty years, Adam avoided making love to Eve. Instead he had intercourse with these extra-terrestrial (or heavenly) ladies, and it is with them that he had those other ‘sons and daughters. Those children were Nephilim, just like the children of Cain. The next time Adam did make love to Eve, Seth was conceived naturally and born. He was born ‘after his likeness’ means that he was a pure Human; not one of those mixed with the Watchers.’

‘The blame does not only lean on Adam, because his wife Eve also did the same thing and gave birth to children whose fathers were the Watchers. During those one hundred and thirty years they both refused to listen to Elyonin -(that is, Melchisedech who was specially chosen to represent the Council of the Wise on Earth and those few Watchers who had remained loyal to us)- the same as they refused to worship God. Therefore those children were also evil like all the other Nephilim, which we Elyonin disapproved of. They are the ones of whom it is written: ‘and the sons of Adam loved Satan more than God.’

‘Adam and his wife were held in high esteem by the other Humans. And when they saw them socialize with the rebel Watchers and other Renegade Extra-Terrestrials, they also began to do the same. A lot of them married these Extra-Terrestrials and a great deal of Nephilim began to be born.’

 ‘All the 200 Watchers and their legions that swore allegiance to Satan, chose a Human wife each, approached them, and lived with them and had carnal intercourse with them.’

  ‘Now notice that the order of occurrence of events was not respected in the Bible.  They happened this way’:

‘Adam and Eve remained in the beautiful paradisiacal cities long after what is now known as ‘their fall’. The faithful Watchers had been forced to flee by the Renegades, as they sought to kill them for refusing to ally with them; and the Renegades and their Human followers now lived in the Cities. It was after these one hundred and fifty years that Yahweh our Leader himself returned, after having learnt of the state of things on Earth.’

‘On Yahweh’s return, a War took place. That is when Adam, Eve and all their children and the rest of the rebel Humans were chased out of the cities that had been built for them; because the pure race that had been created had been compromised and destroyed by the Renegades. Most of the diseases and illnesses that the pure race had not first inherited at their creation; had again been introduced by the Renegades through the children they had with humans’ and by so doing, the scientific experiment of Elyonin could no longer be called a success.’

‘Many of the cities that had been built by Elyonin for the Humans   were destroyed, and Adam and the Humans were left to fend for themselves. Cain also was separately punished for the murder of his brother and his allegiance to Satan.’

‘Lead by Melchisedech, the vacated Laboratory Cities were occupied by the good Elyonin Watchers, Abel’s children and those Humans who were still faithful to Elyonin.’


From then on both factions lived in a constant state of War. The Renegades completely took over the traitor Humans and they began to use their wives to get at the rest of Humans who did not join them immediately and to fight them. They taught them witchcraft enchantments and the magical properties of roots and trees. Not that this was wrong academically, but they abandoned proper teachings and instead, concentrated on introducing superstitions in their lessons.’

‘The women conceived and gave birth to children who grew into giants whose height reached 300 cubits (4 meters) and who accepted and worshipped Lucifer, Satan, Leviathan and Belial as their gods. But before we even continue with the Nephilim, let us see what the fallen Watchers did in particular, to contribute to the ruin of the lovely peaceful and innocent but highly educated race that humanity once used to be:


‘Now we shall continue with our story. First let me recapitulate. The leaders of the Renegades, namely Kingu (Lucifer), Nammtar (Leviathan), Tiamat (Satan), and Azag (Belial); and all their armies, legions, and cohorts of rebels and dissidents, had already been banished from our Worlds.’

‘They had come with their alien bodies and a divine and eternal decree had put them at the feet of any Human beings, who could manage to access their Divine Powers through the Spirit Messiah within. That means that any such human being will never be under the power of the princes of the devils named above. This is also a Divine Power granted to us because, with the Mysteries, we too evolved to become as gods.’

‘But as this subject is part of the Mysteries that you were taught by your Grandfather, any more teachings that we shall give you on that matter are for your own intention and that of your future followers alone, Desiree. Therefore keep them from the ears of the profane and do not write them in the book containing this message. Now we will continue with our story.’

‘We had left behind armies of officers to watch and guard the Humans, and monitor their progress. The Humans called them Watchers and Guardian Angels. Note that ‘angel simply means ‘messenger’ in our language. Not very long after we left, the leaders of the Renegades came and tempted these Watchers to desert and join their ranks.  Then they contacted all the Adams and Eves and the others that we had created and their children and tempted them to disobey and listen to them.’

‘They began with the couple that we created, who lived at the Laboratory City that we had built in Palestine. Eve was first, and she was tempted into having sexual intercourse with Gadral, one of the Watchers who had rebelled; and she encouraged her husband Adam to have carnal relations with one of the lady Watchers. But let me clarify the situation of our creation work a little more before we continue.’


‘You see after we succeeded in creating Adam and Eve in Palestine we did not simply stop at that first couple. We began creating large batches of children from them. We only needed just one first couple. Once it was successfully created we observed them till they passed the age of ten years.’

‘First, many males and females were created through genetic manipulation of their DNA, using specially treated ovules collected from the first Eve.’

‘So when these children reached puberty – which was usually at eleven Earth years for girls, and thirteen for boys – we collected ovules from the girls, and sperm from the boys and made children in our labs combining the genetic material of our white skinned scientists, in making these children. We used large artificial and very sophisticated womb-like machines that could each hold up to twelve foetuses at a time. Conditions in these machines were the same as those you find in human female wombs, but even better. We added all the appropriate nutrients needed to produce perfect, healthy, full-size babies in the shortest times possible.’

‘As there was a lot of space in these breeding machines, we could deliberately cause the ovules to split and produce up to eight or ten foetuses at a time; and of course such children were identical. These were mass breeding campaigns, in which we treated the females to produce large amounts of ovules each month. With at least a hundred of these machines in any one laboratory, you can imagine the scale to which these breeding programs amounted to, around the Planet.’

‘Of course all the children were monitored and studied for inherited diseases from us.  Any babies found to have inherited our diseases and illnesses were destroyed. We could thus make nine thousands and six hundred (9600) babies a year per laboratory at least.’

‘I am afraid these children were all kept apart in their different laboratories and not allowed to meet in order to mate until we were absolutely sure that our experiment had become a success. Nothing less than that could satisfy us. Remember our aim for coming to Earth was for that scientific creation experiment. And the children we created were scientific subjects.  We loved them of course, but they were scientific subjects nonetheless.’

‘Now in our laboratory situated here in Africa, the first Adam we created in this Continent, was produced through manipulation of our combined genetic materials with the material of the ‘brown-skinned’ Scientist’s material being predominant. That work was going on while Adam was also being created in Palestine.’

‘Once that first couple had been created in Palestine, ovules (eggs) were removed from Eve and fertilized in our African laboratory, to create a male African Adam; and African female Eve. So the first children bred in Africa were of darker skin colour, mixed from the Palestinian Eve’s genetic material, and that of one of us. Thus we knew that breeding between both ‘Brown’ and ‘Pink’ Humans was perfectly possible.’

‘Using treated and purified genetic information from this same ‘brown-skinned’ scientist who has been meeting you every day, a few more beings were created; because he had been particularly treated and purified; and no dangerous genetic defaults as we have in our world existed in him. From these first dark-skinned children, was created the pure African ‘Black’ skin colour as you know it; ovules from the first new Black female being again fertilized, using the first ‘Black-skinned’ Adam. That way, we made darker and darker Africans.’

‘After that, we began mass-breeding just like we were doing in the Palestinian laboratory. Our creation work in Africa was much easier than the one that was first undertaken in Palestine.’

‘Please note that when our Ancestors had first come all those billion of years before, they had created their first Adam in a laboratory that had been situated in Africa.  Also, that Adam was dark-skinned. In fact their annals say that only that first African laboratory was used for creation in their time.’

‘Our creation and breeding work was thus effectuated throughout the planet in our different laboratories. In the Orient, in our Chinese laboratory, the first Adam was created with the genetic materials of the green aliens being predominant. In the Indian laboratory, we used genetic material from the first alien-hybrids we created in Africa, crossed them with genetic material from some of the Palestinian ones, to directly mass-breed the Indian batches.’

‘It was only when we had created hundreds of thousands of children from the first Adams and Eves and were satisfied of their purity, that we allowed these original couples only, to mate naturally, before the rest.  In age, they were in their twenties. All Adams were aged twenty eight, and all Eves were twenty five years old.’

‘Up till then, their education had not been neglected. They had been taught about God, and about where we had come from.  We taught them about how we prepared this Solar System and about our creation work, as you can now read in your Bibles. We also taught them about our ancestors and the work of creation they had once done on Earth long before us.’

‘Many of them were allowed to work in our scientific laboratories, but their duties were limited; the more serious work was undertaken by Elyonin only. (But that does not mean we dissuaded them from becoming scientists or from doing their own researches; only that they were not allowed to use our laboratories, they had their own built.)’

‘Before being allowed to live together, the Palestinian Adam and Eve were properly married by Yahweh, the Leader of our Council of the Wise. The other couples were married by one of our own people, who was later designated and left to be the supreme Religious Leader of this new Human Race created on Earth after the teams of creators left. He was called Melchisedech. Thus right from the start, Humanity was taught to respect the sanctity of marriage.’

‘We also monitored Eve’s first pregnancy, as it was a multiple one of quads; two boys and two girls. While the girls were identical twins, Cain and Abel were not identical’. Abel had blonde hair and blue eyes, while Cain had red hair and blue eyes. If we had created them in a laboratory, we would probably have destroyed them as not being perfect.  But we decided to take a chance and let them both live.’

‘Eve was helped in that she did not suffer in giving birth. The babies were delivered under anesthesia and by caesarian section; after which her cut was treated and repaired and she was left totally without any visible scar. Such a delivery was necessary, as it was our very first natural pregnancy. As a precaution after that, Eve was still treated with contraceptives while we monitored these first four naturally conceived children. It was after they grew to be normal healthy and perfect children that we deemed our experiment to be a total success.’

‘Then the male and female children of Adam that we had mass-bred in the laboratories, and whom up to then we had kept separated, were brought together in the cities we had built for them and allowed to marry.’

‘Cain and Abel and their two sisters, were thus described by Adam as being the first children, only because they were the very first with whom Eve had actually been pregnant.’

‘All Humans were very well looked after to begin with. They were educated, clothed and fed without any need to work and toil to survive. All their children were painlessly delivered and all believed in God according to our own beliefs. And Adam administrated to them as their king, and Religious Leader.’

Later they were taught agriculture, and many of them set up homesteads and became farmers, growing food for the rest of them to enjoy.’

‘They effectively lived in luxury, so their cities were all called ‘paradise’. The same thing was done in all the continents; and then and only then did we decide to go away and leave them to evolve by themselves. When we left, Cain and Abel were fully-grown men; and both were married with children. They still lived in these luxurious cities and had not yet been chased away.’

Transmigration to Earth.

‘As you know now, the other activities that the members of the Council of the Wise pursued were Science and Government. All these people having an incommensurable knowledge, they no longer learnt. Instead they created. They created beings of different sizes and looks and colour, and personalities and of different elements.’
‘Not only that, they could manipulate whole planets, they organized and placed them in a way that they remained in their proper spheres and moved thanks and in concert to the movements of each other.’
‘They had such a technological level that everything was reduced to the state of mind; that is, sometimes one could create anything as fast and as far as the mind could think and see it. The limit of their creative abilities went as far as they could think them.’
‘But Lucifer even after having been made a member of the Council of the Wise, still could not shake the feeling of envy, hatred and jealousy, that he felt toward our Yahweh, and was consumed with the burning need to detach himself from his authority and influence in the Council of the Wise, and to become a god in his own right.’
‘He therefore opposed him in everything there was. He opposed every one of his suggestions and advanced his own, which he always thought were better. As this Council was a kind of political one, a kind of Senate; he made himself leader of the party opposing Yahweh, and began actively perverting the minds of the otherwise good people that the others were.’
‘He told them that they needed not submit themselves to the laws of God, or of the Council, or listen to Yahweh; as they had so much knowledge that they could create their own planets, make their own types of beings in them, and install themselves as gods over those beings, without having to render any account to Yahweh or to worship God.’
‘He told them that Yahweh was lying to them about the existence of God, and that they were all in fact worshipping none other than Yahweh himself, who wanted to remain supreme ruler over them, which is why he had not told them the truth.’
‘Many of these good people were soon tempted by Lucifer’s offer to them to detach themselves and become gods in their own right; and angered by his proposes over Yahweh lying to them, they all began to listen to Lucifer instead of Yahweh and us, their old friends of the Council of the Wise.’
‘Because of Lucifer’s machinations and through Divine Revelation, the Plan of Salvation in our world again became primordial:’
‘People of our world, as Souls, would have to transmigrate from our Home world to a totally different alien Galaxy, out of their bodies into totally alien bodies composed of elements totally different from the former ones and into atmospheric environments totally different from the ones they had lived previously.’
‘These beings shall be in a condition of total amnesia, thus they shall not remember the astronomically high technological knowledge they had attained, and the things they could do. These people shall be reduced to such an infinitely low level that they will have to begin to learn everything from the beginning. In fact, their level of knowledge should be nil.’
‘Then they shall be told all over again about God, and about how He had created and loved them. Those who shall believe in, accept and love Him even though they have no way of verifying His existence; shall be allowed to go back and live in our Home world. Some might go immediately after their stay on Earth once their lessons had been learnt and are verified to have been learnt if they wished to go back.’
‘Those who, once they had transmigrated on Earth, do not get the opportunity to hear or learn about God, those who know but doubt, and those who totally reject Him will be made to return and try again. After the allocated number of chances, there will be no more opportunities for them to transmigrate to Earth. But even then life will continue.’
‘However, those who not only totally reject God, but make or teach others to do the same will be immediately stopped from returning altogether, and their transmigration cycle will be switched off irrevocably.’
“Even then they will still have a choice. Once they return, their lives will no longer be extended and they will be allowed to die a natural death, never again having to the Eternity Operation; to be dealt with by God in whom we all still believe.”
‘They will be free to join the ranks of the Fallen Angels and thus become subjected to the authority of the lowliest man on Earth. That is what we call Eternal Hell in our world.’
‘Yahweh the Leader of our Council of the Wise decreed that if the first part of the scientific experiment was a success, he should come himself, in the same way as the others scientists. To make sure that the people created would only ever believe in and worship the One True God, the Eternal Father.’
‘Lucifer, when he heard the exposé of the plan, immediately stood up and declared that he should be the one to go and be the Teacher. He said:’
“By what you have said, why should anyone have to perish? I was the first one that was created so I shall go and be the Messiah on Earth.’’
“I shall be known as the Only-Begotten and all those who shall safely come back; whether they believe in and accept God or not, whether they are very good or extremely bad, no matter how many crimes they commit, since they shall be in a different world, and shall be born into amnesia and live in an amnesiac world, will not be made accountable.”
“In return, I want to be made god in that Galaxy. I want it to be mine to do with as I please.”
‘Our Yahweh said: “Wrong! That is the aim of the whole creation project, for many of you here are not perfect and present a great danger to our peaceful world, and to all the infinite and eternal system! The aim is to root out this evil of atheism and rebellion and to bring back the world of God to our Universe the way it was; a happy world without unbelief, without hatred and dissent.’’
“So I decree that Man, as the people of our Home World shall be known, even though he shall be born amnesiac, he shall go out of Earth with the perfect recollection of all his earthly life.”
“And a faculty which shall be placed in him called ‘conscience’ shall make that recollection a truthful one. Thus, Man shall be judged by his own conscience, which shall remind him by playing back all his past deeds at the time of his coming out of Earth.”
“But we have the Son within each one of us. God within shall be the Redeemer.”
‘Lucifer again saw his chance of being God slip out of his grasp. For he was very sly, and if Yahweh had agreed, he would have ‘sold the whole of Humanity’s birthrights just the same way as Esau sold his, later, to Jacob.’
‘Lucifer would have turned all the new Creation to his side. He would have inherited the powers of the Son within, which powers were denied him at his creation and that he did not have at the time of his fall. Such powers accessed by such a person would have been deadly. There could never have been two gods, for the evil Lucifer would have taken the power of the Son and destroyed his Creator.’
‘O Man of Earth, here is wisdom. Know that the death of any ‘Divinely Realized’ Messiah was to be the accomplishment of the second part of the experiment on the scientific level:’
‘The return transmigration of the initial soul out of Earth, and out of a human body back into its former world and element and into a body of the original world without any harm coming to it, and with the total memory of its life on Earth.’
‘After Yahweh announced his decision, he said: “Your free will starts here. All of you shall vote and choose which of the two of us, myself or Lucifer, you support. You heard what we both had to say.”
‘Elections were therefore held. Two thirds of the people voted for Yahweh and a third voted for Lucifer. So Yahweh won. Lucifer, ferociously angry at again losing against his enemy Yahweh, called his followers to war. His decision was that they should kill Yahweh and do away with his rule over them, as he stopped them from realizing their dreams of becoming gods.’
‘That War, which did not involve just the population of one world, but of whole Galaxies, was a horrible one; and Lucifer lost.’
‘The reasonable thing to do was to take away a third of powers with which Lucifer and his followers were endowed. They were chased from our Galaxy, never to return; and were allowed to live in this Galaxy of the Milky Way, but not to have human bodies, and neither with power and knowledge to create any as golems.’